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Imagine being fast asleep inside of your home when all of a sudden you’re awakened by a strange noise. The rest of the family is still asleep, but you are very much awake and listening for the sounds of an intruder. Seconds feel like minutes as the anxiety wells up in your body. Anxiety turns […]

As a locally owned business, Teledair Communications and Security knows that waking up in Sayre, Pennsylvania to the sound of chirping birds and wonderful green scenery is par for the course in this borough. June is here and it feels great to live in a place where there are so many awesome friendly people just […]

As summertime nears in the Northeast region of the country, you are probably looking forward to getting away from being cooped up in the home office. Today’s small businessperson that works from home can literally take the office with them wherever they go. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, you can do work while enjoying the […]

Winter in Elmira is finally over and it’s time to gear up for the warm weather months. Being that Elmira is located in the “heart of the Finger Lakes” region, the city attracts a steady stream of people from around the surrounding area, as well as, tourists. The locals in Elmira welcome all of this […]

One of the best things about owning property in the Finger Lakes is…well, owning property that sits right on or near the beautiful lakefront. In the Ithaca area everyone knows that Cayuga Lake homes are highly desirable, especially during the warm summer months. When you are lucky enough to own a piece of this prime […]

The long cold winter has finally given way to the refreshing breezes of spring. Everyone living and working in Binghamton is glad to see the new season arrive. Winter has its place, but spring in Broome County is always a great time for renewal. If you’re a local Binghamton business owner it’s also a time […]

In these times of shrinking customer service, it is not easy finding a company that truly cares about providing its customers with the very best in quality products and services. Yet, there are a select group of companies that go above and beyond in making sure customers get everything they need. Teledair Communications & Security […]

Although, it is not a topic that most local business owners in Wellsboro want to think about, breaches in security can happen at any time of day or night. Even in a pleasantly peaceful town like theirs, fraud and theft can interfere with normal business functions. Simply locking the door and keeping ones fingers crossed […]

When it comes to the safety of your home and business in Sayre, PA, Teledair Communications and Security knows that there is always the threat of someone deciding that they’re going to target your property. Although that can be a little unsettling to think about, the good news is there are many steps you can […]

A security breach can disrupt the operations of any business. One of the things that makes business security in Ithaca such a challenge is it requires protection from a variety of threats. Hacks, theft, employee fraud and break-ins are all potential threats to the majority of businesses. Although addressing all of those issues can be […]

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