Why More Businesses are Switching to Access Control Systems

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Access Control Systems

Security is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. Unfortunately, many businesses aren’t as protected as they think. At Teledair Communications & Security, we realize there are two main reasons that’s often the case. First, a lot of businesses aren’t fully aware of just how many potential threats there are to their security. Second, many don’t realize the full extent of the preventative options that are available. Of those available options, access control systems are at the top of the list.   Access Control Systems, Security Systems, Teledair Communications & Security

What Exactly is an Access Control System?

This type of system controls access to a specific area. Depending on what’s needed, that area can be an entire building, or just a single room within a building. In many cases, businesses utilize multiple levels of an access control system. For example, they may have general clearance for their entire building, and then a more restricted clearance for one or more rooms where only a smaller group of employees are allowed to access.

Key Benefits of an Access Control System

As previously mentioned, many businesses aren’t aware that advanced security systems are available at prices that make sense for their budget. But once businesses do find out that there are far better security options than what they’re currently utilizing, a significant number choose to upgrade to an access control system.

A big benefit this type of system provides to businesses is a complete record of all entries and even attempted entries. Another is it allows for on-the-fly changes to access restriction times. You can also opt for remote access control. What’s nice about that feature is even when you’re away, you’ll be able to make any access changes or perform a quick lock down in the event that’s needed.

If you make the switch to this type of security system, you won’t have to worry about keys that are lost or stolen. You’ll also be able to give employees different levels of access without creating additional work for yourself. And if needed, you will even be able to allow or restrict access to specific areas based on the time of day.   Access Control Systems, Security Systems, Teledair Communications & Security

How Can You Find the Right Access Control System for Your Business?

While one of the great things about access control systems is that they’re fully customizable to your specific needs, that freedom can also make it challenging to pinpoint exactly what you want and need for your business. If you want the security this type of system provides but aren’t sure about every individual feature you need, we can help.

Because we have over two decades of experience with both communication networks and security systems, Teledair Communications & Security can provide all the access control system guidance that you need. Whether your business is near Sayre, Scranton, State College PA Binghamton, or Elmira New York, we provide top-notch service throughout New York and Pennsylvania. So if you want to properly protect the business that you’ve worked so hard to build, be sure to get in touch with us today!

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